Tech Startup Branding: Tailored, Impactful, Unforgettable

Attract investors and customers with a resilient, scalable brand

Awareness made simple

You've put too much effort into creating your tech business to skimp on your first impression.

Our Brand Builder program helps your unique value come across in everything you do, with no wasted time or effort.

We'll help you grow.

Your business needs strategy and communications that work (in real life).

We provide end-to-end brand communications in an inherently flexible way.

So whether you need to position a product or service, or reboot how you present your organization, we can help you get in front of more potential customers, in a way that gets them excited to work with you.

Meaningful business results

A three-person agency client was selected as an exclusive vendor for multiple Fortune-500 companies in less than two months
A coding bootcamp established a relationship with a Fortune 1000 company to fund an entire class of trainees
A FinTech startup client raised an industry-leading $12 million in seed investments in less than 90 days

What you can expect

A lit match


Know where your company's capabilities and strengths fit into your customers' lives.

  • Brand personality & positioning
  • Customer & client interviews
  • Customer persona development


Align on what people want and need to know about you and your unique purpose.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand workshops
  • Message platform


Create your identity and voice, and help everyone on the team know how to use it.

  • Messaging & voice
  • Logo & identity system
  • Brand guidelines
  • Core message development
  • Templates & tools


Reach people who are looking for the unique value you provide, and get them interested in your offer.

  • Launch planning
  • Communication strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Presentation development
  • Sales & marketing material creation
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"We love working with you. Thanks for helping us find our way."
— Elizabeth Tolia, CEO, Transcendio Talent


Is your startup ready for launch?

The Startup Brand Checklist helps you avoid the pitfalls that many founders encounter while creating and launching their new brand. You'll know:

  • The questions you – and your team – must be able to answer
  • Which visual branding elements to develop
  • Which tools and assets to have ready for your team on day one
  • What you can ignore right now
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