Kizzle Foods: Specialty Spice Brand Rebranding Success

Kizzle Foods: Specialty Spice Brand Rebranding Success

Kizzle Foods, a startup disrupting the spice industry with Sun-Dried™️ Specialty Spices from Nigeria, needed a brand that captured the pure, fresh, and earthy qualities of their products. With a digital presence essential for market penetration, they sought our expertise to ensure their branding echoed the exceptional taste and quality of their spices.

Services Provided:

  • Rebranding and New Logo Design
  • Retail Signage Creation
  • Product Naming and Label Design

Our Approach:

We began with the essence of Kizzle Foods—their story, the freshness of their spices, and the authenticity that sets them apart. Our rebranding strategy was twofold: create a simplified yet polished logo and design product labels and names that stand out on American retail shelves. The new logo encapsulates Kizzle's promise of specialty, while the labels communicate uniqueness and allure.

Client Insight:

Eky Devine, the founder of Kizzle Foods, shared her excitement about the rebranding results:

"When I saw it all together, I said, wow, I love it. It finally reflects the true quality and personality behind Kizzle Foods, and it's a brand I feel proud of."

Eky's vision for her brand—to stand out and appeal to consumers seeking authentic, potent flavors—was realized through this collaboration.

Outcome and Impact:

Since the rebranding, Kizzle Foods has experienced a significant uptick in sales, tripled their product offerings, and captured the spotlight with a full front-page news article. The new branding has not only captured Eky's original vision but also empowered the company to achieve remarkable growth and recognition in the marketplace.

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