Crafting Foxtrot Health's Identity: Healthtech Startup Branding

Crafting Foxtrot Health's Identity: Healthtech Startup Branding

Foxtrot Health emerged as an innovative force in cognitive health, leveraging generative AI for early detection and intervention of cognitive decline. Recognizing the need for a strong brand identity to connect with direct consumers and medical professionals, they engaged Smith Creative Studio for our 90-day Brand Builder services.

Services Provided:

  • Personality-Based Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging Platform Development
  • Visual Identity Creation
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Web Content and Design
  • Mobile App UX Design
  • Wearable Device UX Design

Our Approach:

Foxtrot Health's mission required a brand that communicated innovation, trust, and accessibility. Our strategy centered around these pillars, creating a brand identity that resonated with both consumers and healthcare professionals. The visual identity and messaging platform were meticulously crafted to reflect Foxtrot's cutting-edge approach and commitment to cognitive health. The website and mobile app UX design further embodied the brand's ethos, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Client Insight:

Miguel Madero, co-founder of Foxtrot Health, shared his perspective:

"Initially, branding wasn't a priority for us, considering our early stage. However, recognizing the direct-to-consumer aspect of our platform, the importance of branding became evident. The collaboration with Smith Creative Studio was enlightening, and we're thrilled with the direction our brand is taking."

Outcome and Impact:

Though Foxtrot Health's journey concluded earlier than anticipated, the branding work laid a strong foundation for the co-founders, positioning them as thought leaders in healthtech and health optimization. Their transition to new ventures in the space was facilitated by the strong brand identity and expertise established through our partnership.

Elevate Your Healthtech Brand:

If you're in the healthtech sector and looking to establish a compelling brand identity, Smith Creative Studio is equipped to guide you through this transformative journey. Contact us to begin crafting a brand that stands out and resonates with your audience.

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