Shaping Team Futures with Strategic Culture Communications

Shaping Team Futures with Strategic Culture Communications

G2O embarked on a transformative journey, undergoing a radical shift in its offerings, team structure, and leadership. To ensure cohesion and alignment amidst these changes, there was a crucial need for an internal cultural reset. Our objective was to foster unity and clarity, enabling new and existing team members to embrace the company's vision and work collaboratively towards achieving its ambitious goals.

Services Provided:

  • Personality-Based Brand Strategy
  • Associate Research and Insights Gathering
  • Culture Guide Development
  • Creation of an Internal Rally Cry
  • Design and Production of Employee Swag
  • Orchestration of an All-Employee Event

Our Approach:

We began with a deep dive into personality-based brand strategy to ensure the new culture resonated with the team's diverse individuals. Through associate research, we gathered insights that shaped the culture guide, providing clear expectations and inspiring a unified vision.

A memorable internal rally cry was created to galvanize the team, embedding the company's audacious goals into daily conversations and efforts.

To tangibly express the renewed spirit and direction, we designed and coordinated the production of unique employee swag. This swag served not just as items of utility but as symbols of belonging and shared purpose.

Further cementing the cultural shift, we orchestrated an all-employee event. This event wasn't just a gathering; it was a pivotal moment designed to ignite excitement and foster a deep commitment to the company's new direction. Through engaging activities and strategic messaging, we ensured every team member left the event energized and aligned with G2O's path forward.

Outcome and Impact:

The strategic culture communications and initiatives introduced at G2O led to a significant transformation within the company. The clarity provided by the culture guide, the unity inspired by the rally cry, the sense of belonging fostered by the employee swag, and the collective excitement generated at the all-employee event all contributed to a palpable shift in how teams collaborated and pursued the company's goals. This cohesive approach not only elevated team performance but also aligned every effort with G2O's ambitious objectives, setting a new standard for what's possible when a company truly comes together.

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