Data Communication Strategy: Banking Modernization

Data Communication Strategy: Banking Modernization

Smith Creative Studio partnered with a Fortune 50 bank to revolutionize communication strategies for a large-scale data modernization initiative. The bank's ambitious project aimed to reimagine its data environment, requiring effective communication to ensure stakeholders understood the significance and value of the endeavor. Leveraging Voice of the Customer research and strategic planning, our team developed a comprehensive communication strategy to support the program launch and ongoing migration process.

Services Provided:

  • Voice of the Customer Research
  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Multichannel Campaign Planning and Execution
  • Video Series Production
  • Quick Reference Guide Creation
  • Flash Card Design
  • Training Program Development
  • Intranet Site Design
  • Presentation Module Creation
  • Custom Graphics Design
  • Program Mark Design

Our Approach:

Understanding the complexity and scale of the project, we tailored our approach to address the unique challenges of communicating a large-scale data modernization initiative. Our team collaborated closely with stakeholders to gather insights and identify key communication needs. Through strategic planning and execution, we developed a multichannel communication strategy that encompassed various formats and platforms, ensuring stakeholders felt supported and informed throughout the migration process.

Outcome and Impact:

The implementation of our communication strategy yielded significant results for the bank's data modernization program. Our efforts led to a 400% increase in the use of program tools and doubled team member adoption rates. These improvements were instrumental in achieving the program's aggressive goals, including a 60% reduction in analyst time spent on non-analytical activities and overall marketing efficiency gains of 30%. By cultivating satisfaction through clear communication, we helped instill confidence and support among teams using the improved data products and tools.

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